Friday, August 12, 2011

Become Money Independant

Get solar panels and a hybrid car. I want to spend my golden years off the grid. As I get closer to retirement and those years when we'll be living off  Social Security, I think more and more about becoming money independant. I want to have no bills for heat or electric. I want to invest now in solar panels and reap the benefits when we retire. Once I buy the small place in Florida, I am going to plant fruit trees and start a rosemary hedge. With any luck I'll be able to cut my food bill in half during the growing season. I want to have everything set up for retirement so that all we have to do is get on a plane with a carry-on and be ready to start our new life.  Whether we buy a two family house and rent one side or have an extra room to rent out, I want to have a way of making a little money on the side when we retire. This should be everyone's goal. Why work making someone else money when you could enjoy your life. Half of the cure for working too much is to have money coming in ie. becoming money independant. The other half is to cut expenses without diminishing quality of life. I guess I want everything for nothing.  But I have had that before so I know it's possible.

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