Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Take Only Generic Drugs

Generic drugs have been tested over a wide population.  They are safer.  I don't like the idea of taking medicine in the first place because I believe that for the most part medicine doesn't cure anything. Most drugs only treat   the symptoms and then there are side affects. Certain things like antibiotics that are used for short terms do cure disease, but the rest of them are pointless in my opinion.  Thyroid medication is for long term use but anything else doesn't make much sense to me.  We no longer think about curing disease.  There's not much money in a cure.  Pharmaceutical companies make their money managing symptoms.  The most widely tested drugs are the generics.  FDA approved drugs are only tested on a small segment of the population.  By the time a drug becomes generic it has been used in thousands and thousands of patients.  Most problems have been discovered by then.  My view is that we should all eat well so that we can avoid medicine.  I want to stay healthy and not have to spend money on drugs.  I get medicare next year but I will not be getting the drug plan.  It's too expensive.


  1. True, but if symptoms aren't managed, then people can die, for example, HIV and AIDS. Years ago it was a death sentence to have even HIV, but now, because of medications, sadly no cure, but people are able to live longer.

  2. Certain chronic conditions should be managed like low thyroid function, etc. But for the most part I do not want to give my money to big PHARMA.