Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Holiday Decorating

Everybody know this but it bears repeating.  Buy your Christmas stuff after the holiday.  Another great place to pick up stuff is at yard sales and Church Sales. Whenever I go to a yard sale there is always a table or more set up for holiday decor.  This should tell us something.  I made a choice not to collect Christmas decor.  I had limited storage.  I'd rather spend my money and energy buying chocolate.  Nothing says Christmas like chocolate.  We had a live tree once or twice for the kids.  But then my husband saw a video on fire safety and live trees.  It was very scary.  We never had a tree again and I was glad not to have to deal with the hassle and the mess.  It's better just to bake cookies and decorate with simple stuff.  I have a couple of things that I trot out for the holidays, mostly linens which store easily, but that's it.  A fireplace blazing and the people I love is all the Christmas I need.  Make Christmas about the people in your life and not about the stuff.  Stuff is just a lot of work.  People get rid of their Christmas stuff because they get bored with it.  If you don't have it you won't miss it, besides every town puts up holiday decorations.  When I was a kid we went downtown to see the stores.  It was beautiful and required little effort.  Christmas should be a celebration of family, not work.

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  1. SO true, you would not believe the bargains I have gotten through the years, shopping for Christmas stuff on December 26th. Everything in Macy's was 50-75% off. No joke.