Monday, September 19, 2011

Stay Married

Divorce is messy and expensive.  Most married people fight about money.  Be sure that your view of money matches that of your perspective partner.  I knew my husband was right for me when we went out on our first date and he told me he got the very nice sweater he was wearing for a dollar at a yard sale.  I told him that's where I got mine too.  We were perfect for each other.  We both had fun buying things for really, really cheap.  We both liked to fix things too.  He fixed just about anything while I liked to repair jewelry.  I liked to buy vintage pins that were missing a stone.  I would fix them and be happy with my pretty new thing.  We knew we would never argue about money because we both were cheap.  Once you find someone who has the same philosophy about money and life, you have a keeper.  My husband is also very easy going which I like.  I have enough drama with my health issues and don't need more.  If you marry the right person, you don't end up getting a divorce.  My sister in law is getting a divorce right now.  She will lose any equity she has in her house because of the divorce.  In a way she is peddling backwards, now she has to start building all over again for retirement.  That's terrible, but her husband was so unreliable that in a way she will be better off without him.  Someday she will have money, but up till now she has been pushing a dead weight up a hill.  It takes a lifetime of work to be rich.  It's easier with two people building wealth, if they are they are the right two people.

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  1. Totally correct. How many times do you see on Suze Orman's show some sad story about a woman who doesn't know her fiancee's financial status; or a woman who now has debt because her husband spend mucho bucks on their credit card and now she's responsible for half of it? Plenty of times. You should know how your partner feels about money before you even have sex with him. Sometimes good sex blinds you (like good looks can blind you too).