Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stay Away from Stupid Spending

Don't buy a pool.  Pools are on sale now, but don't buy one.  They are just time and money wasters.  When I moved up to the Hudson Valley, I noticed that the neighbor across the street had an above ground pool.  In the two years I lived in the house I never saw him swim in the pool.  But I did see him every weekend clean the pool and treat it with chemicals.  Even when I get to Florida I don't want to have my own pool.  I will find a public pool to use or if I buy a condo, I will get one with a community pool.  Also I may be living close enough to the beach to use that for swimming.  Pools are a big waste of money and they are also an insurance liability.  All you need is some neighborhood kid jumping a fence and drowning in your pool to lose the house in a lawsuit.  Why take the risk?  If you have teenagers, a pool is an added liability with their little friends and parties when you're not around.  Join a gym with a pool if you need to swim.  I'm too cheap and lazy to get involved with this kind of stuff.  Keep your money.  Money in the bank is better than a pool in the backyard.  I've seen too many people get into crushing debt for the so called convenience of a pool.  Stay away from this kind of spending.

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  1. I never understood the idea of buying a pool. I know when I was a child the movie stars had them, but I never thought of regular people having them. It is a waste of money.