Tuesday, September 6, 2011

End of Season Stock up Sales

The summer is almost over but it will come back again.  One of my favorite things is to go out now and buy for next year.  I get stuff that is classic and that I know I will need next year.  For example every summer closet needs a pair of white slacks, a white blazer or light white cotton sweater.  Also dresses picked up cheaply can be saved for next year as can shoes and bags.  I  have a special suitcase for these purchases.  I put everything new in there and then when the next summer season rolls around I open that special bag and celebrate my cheapness.  Yard sales and church sales are also bursting with end of season stuff.  I like shopping now for my next cruise.  I pack up the bag with all my cruise wear and have it ready for my trip.  Then as the date approaches I check to see if anything is missing.  I don't like to haul out my whole summer waredrobe in the middle of winter.  Packing the bag in advance works better for me.  I more or less know what I want to take.  Easy to wear, non wrinkling clothing is best.  I can buy it now at 50%+ off  and save it for next season or the next cruise.  I like to leave the tags with the markdowns. I check them before I wear the clothes and have a good laugh.  I'm happiest when I get stufff 75% off or more the msrp.

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