Friday, July 8, 2011

Stretching Take Out

I don't really like to cook, but I recognize it is a necessary evil. Before I met my husband sometimes I would buy lunch at the Chinese place. I would eat the soup and the egg roll for lunch and then save the rice and veggies for dinner. This worked well for me. When I met my husband, I would still buy the lunch sometimes, but in order to make the dinner enough for two, I would have to make a little extra rice which was easy enough. I could heat up the meal and add some more frozen veggies and it would be enough dinner for two, which was very economical at $6 for both of us. My husband likes pizza so sometimes we buy fresh dough at the local pizzaria. For a fraction of what a take out pizza costs we make our own and add all the extra toppings we want. I usually pair the pizza meal with steak and salad. It's quick and easy and quite a treat for everyone. It's like take out but not. We also like to make our own Ice cream desserts whenever possible. My husband makes shakes and banana splits. He goes crazy with toppings and it's a lot of fun. My favorite is making real whipped cream for a sundae with a cookie at the bottom. Tastes way better than the stuff from a can and the next morning I can use the leftovers to top off my coffee. Of course, this is a rare treat because of the calories, but it's still fun.

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