Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Make your own Fun

In the not so distant past, people created their own entertainment. This blog is part of my entertainment. I keep busy writing. I also write poetry which I give to my husband as gifts. I read a lot and I make jewelry too. All of this makes my life richer and also makes fun. In the fall I want to join a choral society and start singing again. Right now I am singing in Church but it's not enough. For more entertainment on those cold and snowy winter nights we sometimes play games. Games are good because they require interaction and communication. This is better than sitting in front of a screen and not talking. We play cards, chess, monopoly, dominos and other stuff. Sometimes we work on puzzles. It's cheap to make your own fun. We get the games and puzzles at yard and church sales. The small investment goes a long way. You make your own fun. You make your own good times, being bored is not an option. Only boring people are bored. Just going for a walk in the woods is enough for me. I see birds and deer and other beautiful things and that makes plenty of fun. Take time to smell the roses and discover the beauty of life. By making your own fun, you become independant of the entertainment industry that wants your money. Money can't buy you everything. Make your own fun. Invite a friend over for game night.

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