Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Re-Gifting No More

Someone recently gave me a body mist. But I don't wear fragrances. Perfume give me headaches. Instead of regifting it, I looked it up on eBay. I think I can sell it and with the proceeds buy something I really want. It eliminates the awkward possibility of re-giving a gift within a small circle of friends and what better way to find the thing a good home. If someone is willing to pay, it must be wanted. At least it won't end up in the landfill. Maybe someone really wants this gift but can't afford to buy it at the store. I can sell it for less. Everyone is happy and things don't go to waste. I'm sure my friend wanted me to have something nice. I just make it possible to pick that out myself. I might even go to a tag sale with the money and really get a bang for my buck. But I'll be okay just buying myself something on ebay, a pin or something small. People are amazed that I have so much nice stuff. I have to admit that I'm proud of myself. Considering my income, I am very rich. I am rich because I am careful. I've seen what things cost at the Mall and I know I can get something better for less. A piece of junk jewelry goes for $20. I just bought a sterling silver pin on eBay for $8 to the door. At least it's made from a noble metal, something of real value. It's not like costume jewelry that is likely to end up on a church sale table for one dollar. My advice: Get your money's worth.

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