Thursday, May 12, 2011


For many years I lived in New York City which has one of the greatest library systems in the world. I liked using the library. I probably got my first library card when I was eight years old. I always had a library card. I always had a library within walking distance of either my home or job. It was a necessity for me. It helped me save money. I cut corners on book purchases for college with the library. When books, which used to be cheap started getting more and more expensive, I started using the library. Later when I met my husband and we needed entertainment, the public library was the way to go. I would pick up a stack of movies on Friday and we would have entertainment for the entire weekend. And it was free. What a deal! I never rented from Blockbuster because it just didn't make sense. Many times we had seen everything that was new on video. The library, however, always had the movies with more limited releases like foreign and independent films or documentairies. Now that I have moved out of the city, I live three blocks away from a library. I occasionally rent movies and now I have discovered instructional videos. I can learn anything. They also have exercise videos. I don't have to pay for a Pilates class. Also if I find a really good video, I can buy a copy and not get burned. There's nothing worse than buying a video and finding out it stinks. This way if I buy something, I know that it's good.

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