Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Too Much Technology

Always wait to buy the new technology. First of all they still have to get the kinks out of it and second after a very short amount of time the price plummets. What sense did it make to have an HD or digital TV when stations were still broadcasting in analog. Now they've been around a while and they're bigger, better and much cheaper. Wait to get the new gadget that you don't really need. Unless you have an internet based busines odds are you don't need to be on the web all the time. Forget the whole status thing. Just because everyone has one, doesn't mean you have to get it too. For a lot of people smartphones make sense, but for many of us it's just another status thing like the designer bag, etc. Forget that nonsense. Do what is best for you. I still have a flip phone. It's all I really need and I have a very cheap plan. When I want to talk to my friends, I call on my landline which lately is costing me next to nothing. I use internet telephony (magic jack). It's great and amaingly cheap, even international calling is inexpensive. I loved getting rid of Verizon. They were so expensive. And their bundling plans never saved me a dime. I don't trust them. All I really need is internet access. I can get Movies and television shows online. I get the phone off the internet too. That's two bills that are now easy to get rid of. Sometimes tech can save you money.

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