Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Never ever buy a new car. Even with 0% financing it's a very bad deal. Because the minute you drive the thing off the lot, it loses 60% of its value. Inflation would have to rocket up to 12% over five years for you to just break even. If you want that new car smell spend a couple of hundred to have it detailed and buy a can of new car spray for the interior. Also pay cash for the thing. You'll get a better deal and you won't be saddled with financing. Lately, I'm so down on the banks that I want to pay cash for everything, including houses. With all the tricks the banks played on home buyers, I just don't trust them. I have boycotted the major players and shut down a slew of credit cards. The crooks should go out of business. That's why I want to buy my condo with cash. Buy with cash and you'll sleep better. I'm so glad we don't have a mortgage or a car payment. In this economy it would be too stressful. Buy a good reliable, fuel efficent car that gets you from point A to point B safely. Buy the smallest car you can. We have a fuel efficent car now, but I want our next car to be a hybrid. You can't trust the banks and you can't trust the oil industry. Why is the price of gas so high? Industry is at a standstill and nobody has money anyway. I see a lot of staycations in my future. Who is using all the gas? Who is eating up the supply and raising prices?

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