Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Socialzing on a Shoestring

A few years ago a friend from work invited us to go out on the town for the evening. We were going to the opening of a new bar in our neighborhood. The other couple's combined income was twice as high as ours. Although we're not big drinkers with one thing and another we ended up spending $40 or $50 that night. When the evening Was over I looked at my husband and said"Never again." Thank Goodness he agreed. We just didn't want to leave forty or fifty dollars on someone's table every week.
For many years my mother in law did the holidays all on her own. After a while I suggested that we do it pot luck. She was getting older and it was hard work cooking for all those people. We did it one Easter and it worked out fine. There was a glitch or two but nothing major.
Unfortunately my mother in law never really liked the whole idea. She wanted to do it all, pay for it all and then complain about it. Personally I like pot luck dinners. But, I guess, they're not for everyone
Since we moved away a few years ago we have been trying to meet people in our new town. My husband is outgoing while I am more reserved. We recently joined a church chior. This has given us a great opportunity to meet people We chip in with cookies and stuff for fellowship hour. Next Sunday they are sponsoring a barbecue. I'll bring a tray of chicken and some pasta salad. It will be fun.

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