Thursday, May 26, 2011


Kids are very expensive. I don't know what I would do nowadays to give my children the education they deserve. I probably couldn't afford to buy a house in a blue ribbon school district. And if I could afford the house, the taxes would kill me. One option would be to rent in a good neighborhood with good schools. But renting doesn't make any money in the long run. My sister in law bought her house in a blue ribbon school district and was paying $12,000 or more a year in taxes. But we all felt she was ahead of the game because she had four kids and her tax bill was less than the bill for private school would have been. Personallly if I had to do it now, I would seriously consider buying a house out in the woods. Then I would home school my children. Home schooling has a bad reputation. They say kids don't get socialized properly if they are home schooled. I think this is a lot of nonsense. Besides with all the bullying that goes on, maybe the socialization of the school house is not all that desirable. I know plenty fo lovely children who have been home schooled. For the most part they are a lot smarter than public or private school children. They will be the entrepeneurs of the future because their thinking has not been regimented to seek only the one right answer. They think for themselves and are not aculturated into thinking that things bring happiness. They don't need the latest gizmo to be happy. Much of what formal education does is ultimately negative. It is all about conforming and being just like everyone else by imposing rigid and undesirable values on children. Lately, it seems that everything is a fad. Do you have the right clothes? Do you live in the right kind of house? How much money do you make? Do you have the right TV, video system, etc. None of this is important. I don't think I would want my child socialized to feel inferior and insecure.

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