Monday, May 16, 2011

Cheap Movie Tickets

We hate to pay full price for anything. Since we own a car and sometimes take it on trips, we have a AAA membership. One of the perks is discounted tickets at Regal Cinema. For $6.75 we get tickets to the movies. That price is lower than the Matinee price in our area. On a new release there is a two weekend waiting period or a $1.50 surcharge, which is fine for us. We don't like crowds and don't mind waiting. One good thing about my hubby is that he is not ashamed of getting a bargain. I had one person tell me that she would never use such a ticket. The Regal club card also gets us the occasional free movie ticket. We've used coupons at restaurants. My husband loves getting a deal and has no problem asking about the specials or sharing the plate with me at restaurants that pile the food too high. Sometimes we get an appetizer to fill the gap. We don't worry what other people think. I'm just happy to have a night out and not have to work as hard as my waitress. Though we may be cheap with menu, we are extra generous with the tip. I have done that work and so has my husband. We believe in giving good tips because wait staff seldom gets paid decently.

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