Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Get Involved

I am going to need my medicare. So is my husband. Right now things look bad for us. I have never been healthy and although I have paid for my own insurance most of m life. That is getting incresingly harder. I can't afford to live if they take away medicare. What can I do? The only option I have is to get involved, protest, write to Congress and assert political power. We have to Get involved when it looks like something bad is going to happen. If we say nothing, then we have effectively lost our voice.
Another issue, which concerns me deeply, is fracking. That's the new way to exploit natural gas resources. Although I'm all for home grown energy, fracking pollutes the ground water and destroys the environment. Living things need water more than energy. Here in New York State we have the best water in the world and ourt farmers work for a living. I have a farm a few miles away that depends on the ground water. If the moratoriumon fracking is lifted, upstste New York stands to lose all the water that supplies NYC. This is not the kind of pollution that can be cleaned up. Once a little of it gets released the water will be cancerous for generations to come. We all need to get involved in politics. Older people vote so that politicians are loathe to do anything to mobilize that voting block. But we all need to vote to preserve our interests. Big business votes with its wallet. We need to go to the polling places. Last November I spoke to a lot of young people who told me they didn't think they were going to vote in the midterms. My husband started working at age 14 and that's when he started paying into medicare. No he's being told he may not be eligible. That would put a serious wrench in our retirement plans.
Get involved in politics to make your life better or just keep what you've got.

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