Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Known Your Stores

Yesterday we needed at new back door. The old door was beyond repair. It had already been fixed two or three times. First we checked Craigslist. We had no choice but to get a new one. We went to Home Depot. But just because we had to buy new, it didn't mean we had to pay full price. We went to the Depot and looked around first. When someone asked if we needed helped, we immediately asked if there were any discounted or returns available. The worker walked us right over to the discount section for doors and windows. After a few minutes we found the right door. Originally priced at $800, we picked it up for $180. That's a hefty 75%+ discount, which is good enough for me. I like buying at a deep discount. Furniture stores have a back room where they keep stuff that has gotten ever so slightly damaged in transport. You can get the best for less. Paying full price doesn't neessarily make a thing is any better. The same principle applies to food. Grocery stores have loss leaders in every department. That is the merchandise stores sell nearly at cost in order to attract customers. Even smaller more epensive stores follow this policy. I once lived down the street from a small boutique market. None of my neighbors dared shop there because it was so expensive. I went every week and scoured the sales circular and managed to live out of there even on a budget because I kept a pantry and a freezer to stock up on the sales. Learn your stores and find out how to get the most out of them.

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