Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Always ask for the discount

We had to buy a new television a few months ago and spent some time shopping around. We got the Best Deal at Sears, but only because we asked for it. Don't be afraid to ask for a markdown. My husband was looking at a $1000 clearance big screen and asked for a further markdown. They had to call a manager but the Sony Bravia 46" ended up costing only $800. That's a significant 20% savings. It costs nothing to ask. The Psychology of money works like this; At yard sales, thrift stores and even department stores, look for any slight damage. Point this out, give a reason why you do not have to have it, and then offer a fair discount price. I see people offer way too low and that insults the seller and they queer the deal. Also smile, joke and always ask please. My brown puppy dogs eyes never fail me. Also be clean and do not dress up, look as though you need the discount. Hope these time proven tips help in your bargain hunting. People look at me like I have two heads when I tell these stories, but it's all true. There is no shame in asking and it costs nothing. We also ask the workers when the next price reduction will be. This is important information. Have empathy and treat everyone with respect. Being appreciated is worth more than money. Read Dale Carnegie's "How to win friends and influence People" and watch  the deals flow. I hate paying full price and I love getting a good deal. We never get things the regular way, that is full price. I sometimes see people in stores looking at things that are full price and just too expensive. I want to tell them about getting discounts, but I usually mind my own business because I don't want to offend anyone. On rare occasions someone will ask me how I got such a bargain and I will tell all. That is what this blog is all about. I'm telling. The first thing I have to tell people is to leave false pride at the door of any store you walk into. Things are only worth what people are willing to pay. Cash is king. Better to get something on the cheap than to be saddled with enormous debt. There is no self esteem to be found in debt, only misery and shame. If you can not afford to pay cash or pay it off right away, you do not really need it.

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