Thursday, November 3, 2011

Consider Having Fewer Children

The truth is that kids are very expensive. Each child needs a private room. You can get away with two kids per room when they're little but as time goes on they will each need their own space particularly if they are not the same sex. The more kids, the more expensive that gets as the house gets bigger as does the mortgage. Then there is the question of education. Personally, I believe in home schooling but eventually kids go to college and these days that costs as much as a decent house. If you have only one child then you can devote extensive resources to that child. Buying clothes, taking trips, acquiring gadgets all become easier when it's only for one child. Expenses for only one child are manageable. Thinking globally, do we really need more people on the planet? Maybe one child is enough. I was lucky that my husband already had children. It was our job to do the best we could for them. We couldn't afford to have our own and it wasn't all that important to me. Also, we have less to worry about now. If we had our own children we would be in the middle of the whole high school nonsense. Being childless we also can pick up and leave whenever we want without disrupting someone's life.


  1. Most people I know didn't have their own rooms when they were kids, even teenagers. I knew a guy who shared a room with his 3 brothers; there were 10 kids in that family.

  2. That's okay, but when you get pregnant you can't be sure you're going to have another boy if you already have one. You don't really want a boy and a girl sharing a bedroom. The alternative is to buy a house with 3 bedrooms. That way you'll be covered in any eventuality. But the fact is that most people go for big, big, big which means more money and much more maintenance.