Friday, November 25, 2011


I wasn't going to blog today. I have family over and I was planning to hang out, but then I turned on the news. Somebody in California got shot in the parking lot for his Black Friday Purchases. Somewhere else a woman shot her fellow shoppers with pepper spray. Are we crazy? Nothing you can buy is worth any of that. All over the country Black Friday was eating into Thanksgiving. Let's be clear. Walmart and Best Buy are not giving anything away. If they really wanted to sell more they could raise the wages for their workers and not force them to work overnight. We've been on this union busting spree for 30 years. Where has it got us? Let's bring back the unions. We need unions. Capital had gotten too powerful. We need a counterbalance. The minimum wage should be a living wage of at least $20 an hour. The bosses will scream they can't afford that. The truth is that we can't afford $7 an hour. Let's get back to reality here. There should be something for everybody.


  1. Here's the problem with Black Friday. It works. People shop. I saw scores of people on Fifth Avenue today, BEFORE 7am. Crazy. Especially since it's possible to order online and avoid the craziness. I think the real issue is people don't want to give up anything. I think minimum wage should be $25 at least. But the stores play this game: "If we pay workers more money, then the prices of stuff will rise." Because THEY don't want to lower THEIR salaries. So they raise prices and tell the consumer, "it's the fault of those unions." And the consumer gets pissed because a flat screen TV is $200 instead of $100. So it's a vicious cycle.

    Here's my thing. What do you really need to live? Do you need a flat screen TV in every room? Do you need 100 pairs of shoes? See what I mean? No one really needs all that stuff, they just get caught up in the rush of Black Friday shopping; it's an addiction, it's nothing more than an adrenalin rush. The problem is that today it's getting out of hand. People cut their own Thanksgivings because they wanted to camp out in front of Wal-Mart and Target to wait for the stores to open at midnight. Sad.

  2. That's why I say: Hit them in the pocketbook where it will really hurt. Stop Shopping. STOP THE INSANITY. Nobody needs all this stuff. If you have too much stuff, you end up living for the stuff. Close your wallet and live your life.