Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Learn to Cook

It's a myth that fast food is convenient. Most times fast food is not as fast as cooking at home. My fastest food has always been a bowl of soup. I can have that on the table in five minutes. When I was working what I did was make a big batch of soup on Sunday and then I just keep reheating it as the week went on. I added more and more stuff to it like greens and leftovers but the basic soup was the same. I'd add a quick hard cheese sandwich and make a meal of it. On Sundays I could also make a big pot of tomato sauce and recycle that into several meals during the week. In the summer. I liked making pasta salad. I could pour it over fresh greens and add cheese chunks or pair it with a sardine sandwich. I'd make it through the week without having to buy fast food, which I think is expensive and too salty for my taste. Omelettes are another quick solution and eggs in general are great snacks. I would boil up a dozen on Sundays to have for the week. Most of what I did, didn't really take a lot of time or skill. But these simple tricks do not get taught either at home or in school. Although I never took a home economics class, my mother certainly taught me how to eat. Now kids are being taught that McDonald's is how people are supposed to eat. No wonder we're all so fat. Save yourself and your family from the expense of chronic disease by learning how to cook. There are books everywhere. I see stacks of cookbooks at garage sales and library sales. And then there are all the internet resources. The money saving information is out there. Find it and save lots of money and your health.

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