Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Best Vacation Ever

So I'm cheap and I'm okay with it. But the purpose of being cheap is to have money to really enjoy your life. I went on a cruise. Just got back. It's been a miserable winter here in the Northeast, but ten days down in the Virgin Islands has made it just a bit more bearable. Cruises are a great value. I live near a port city. For $1500 my husband and I spent ten days away. We had a room, nightly entertainment and three gourmet meals a day. The ship has a pool and several hot tubs, plus an exercise room, library and art gallery. It was clean and beautiful. I can't even get a room for ten days at that price. So the rest was just cream. I stick with what works and Norwegian NCL is just great for me. The food is excellent and the service is outstanding. I had a wonderful time but now it's back to cold and snow. I am already thinking of ways to save money for the next cruise. When you do cruise remember to avoid paying for extras. My husband and I are teetotalers, we don't drink more than half a glass of wine at dinner. Since we got a $100 room credit, the wine was free. Also although I love buying art, this time I restrained myself. But I got lucky and won two pieces by guessing the price of the Picasso. Also we only did one official excursion. I sent my husband snorkeling. He loves the fishes. In other ports we would just walk off the ship and wander making sure to be back early. We ate all our meals on board.

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