Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The future is very uncertain but planning is important. One regret I have is that my husband will not have a nice juicy pension when he finally stops working. There's not much we can do about that right now except figure out how to live with only Social Security. One thing we need to be certain is a cheap place to live. I tell my friends this all the time. Buy a house pay it off. We have that but I'm not sure we can afford the taxes on our house in the future, not to mention the heat and electric. And besides we'll need someplace warm. I'm thinking of Florida. I want something that will cost two to three hundred a month to run. This will leave enough money for good food and entertainment. So the project for this year is t buy a little something in Florida, fix it up and rent it. A two family would be ideal. That way we would have a place and a little income too. Opportunities in real estate are rare. Like most things they are subject to fad and fashion. Both are just noise when it comes to building a life. Look for what is really important. Florida may not be the fashionable place for retirement any more, but who cares. I will look for what I need. I was against Florida in the past because I am not a beach person. I get bored. But I do like museums and when I heard about a Peter Max Museum being built, I decided to take a second look and rethink my prejudices.

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