Friday, February 4, 2011

Less is More

I learned just how little I need on my cruise. We got the cheapest cabin because experience has taught us we never spend any time there. We just sleep in the cabin . We can only take what we can carry so things have to be practical. Even as a cheapo, I realize I have too many clothes. I could lose half of them and still be well dressed.
More stuff, just means more work. More organizing, more cleaning, more mending, etc. Less stuff would mean more time for other things. If only getting rid of clothes weren't so painful. I periodically purge my closet for charity but it always seems to hurt. One way, I like doing it, is to get rid of the high maintenance clothes. First I get rid of anything that must be dry cleaned. I don't need the added expense. Sweaters are easier to maintain than tailored jackets. Cashmere is easy to keep, washes well and stays looking good for a long time. Then I hit all the stuff that requires ironing.. No iron blouses were the most practical pieces on the cruise and in real life. A while back I caught a sale at Bolton's and picked up some crinkly blouses which travel very well stuffed in the corner of a suitcase. I want more of these clothes so I must systematically rid my closet of silk and cotton blouses. Ironing is too much work or too expensive. A less is more lifestyle also means that my wardrobe is finally going to fit in my closet. I can use the space for other things and liberate myself from stuff and the need to buy and spend more money on stuff. Stuff attracts more stuff. If I pick something up on sale or tagging, I have to know that it will work with at least two other pieces in my closet. Years ago when I first started building my wardrobe, I foolishly bought a pair of plum colored slacks only to get home and find I had nothing to wear with them. Now when I buy something it is usually in a neutral base color that goes with everything. I generally wear basic black and use color as an accessory, for example in a sweater, a scarf or a purse. Keep it simple. This classic approach allows for a lot of personal flair while at the same time keeping the closet grounded.

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