Thursday, April 21, 2011


So say you really really want a designer bag you just can't afford. I never wanted these things. I always thought of them as expensive "mug me" signs. However I have an aunt who loves them. So every now and then I try to pick one up for her. Lately, my source has been the Goodwill. They either keep them up front or in a glass case by the register. I like to ask the workers about these things. Talking to people really works. It also gets me the scoop on which color is going to be half price next week, etc. You can buy a lot of designer stuff at those places, so pay less for your glam bag and get it at the Goodwill. But be careful because there are a lot of fakes out there. Don't try to sell these things on eBay, you'll get busted. Good luck and happy saving. Speaking of saving, there has to be a purpose to it. What are you saving for? I was always frugal, always a saver, I bought time with my savings. As a teacher, I worked eight months a year and was off all summer. As an adjunct college professor, I didn't make much money but I only worked two to three days a week. I had everything I needed and I had time to read and write and just hang out. It was a great life, but I did have to be careful. I had to be able to pay my expenses even when I wasn't working. It wasn't easy but it was doable. I wondered why more folks didn't do the same. Then I remembered that money can be very seductive. When I first got out of school and made some decent money, all of a sudden, I wanted things and I wanted to go out and spend money at restaurants. I didn't need any of that and I never even missed it when it was gone. At a young age I read YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robbins and it changed everything for me. I found that there was a way to to beat the system of WORK TILL YOU DROP. You could easily take back your life and fool everybody. You can have it all.
I had to be careful about money because I have been sick all my life. I have a congenital heart problem. I worked as much as I could and paid my own bills. I have never been on services. I have savings and my own everything and people think I'm rich or something, which is fine by me. I like having money in my wallet. I like watching my bank account get bigger. I like buying real estate, though selling is even better. So my advice to young people is "pretend to be poor."Act as if you don't have money, save as much as you can and buy everything, including a house, with cash. That way when it's time to raise a family, someone can stay home with the kids. Living well has very little to do with money in the end. I know a lot of strong, healthy people with lots of income, but no money. I know people who spend more but have a lot less. I never lack for any thing. I've made less money in my life, but I have held on to more of it and in the end that's the real trick to being truly rich. It's not how much you make, it's how much you spend. It's all about how much you keep.

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