Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tax time

The best way to save money is to keep more of it. You have to pay your taxes, but a good tax accountant can help you keep more of your money. You want to keep your money and invest it for yourself. A good tax man can help you with this. When I first started working as a schoolteacher I was not making much money. On top of that I was spending my own cash to supplement materials for my students. I filled out that first income tax form all on my own. I was frustrated and unhappy for a whole day and I got practically nothing back. After the fact, I heard that certain work expenses can be written off. The following year I went to an accountant to do my taxes. It was easy breezy and I got back much more money. The service fee was well worth it. My refund was more than double on essentially the same income. I have never done my own taxes since. Certain businesses and professions require the use of a good accountant. For example, anyone involved in real estate needs professional help to navigate the tax code. This money is well spent. Some things cannot be done on the cheap. Find a good account. Spend the two hundred or so it costs. You won't regret it. P.S.when looking for a professional, never use the yellow pages. Always rely on word of mouth. Those ads cost money and guess who gets to pay for the advertising in the form of higher fees. The bigger the ad, the larger the fees. Many times just a name and number signals the most competitive provider. Find someone who doesn't need to advertise because he's got plenty of repeat and referral business.

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