Thursday, October 8, 2009

hook up

There is nothing moe important to creating happiness than finding a someone to walk with you through this life. Loving and giving has always been at the center of my being. I looked and looked when I was young and got rejected more than once, but I never gave up the search for my special loved one. I did get desprate at one point, so I asked the universe to send me someone to take care of, send me someone who needs to be cared for. I never looked in bars or such like places because that is not what I w anted. Eventually I met my husband in a local choral group. We both had an interest in music and that united us. Later we found we had other things in common as our relationship grew. My husband turned out to be a handyman which was wonderful. His first gift to me was to scrape and repaint my tiny bathroom. this cheap woman fell in love. I had bought my first place a few years before at one third below market value because it looked terrible. It needed lots of paint and the floors needed sanding. The bathroom had a cracked and chipped sink which had to be replaced, All in all it cost me about $2000 to get the place turnkey. I had saved over $10,000 on the purchase price. Knowing how to fix things is very important and can save tons of money in the long run. Some poeople look down on those who work with their hands and know how to fix stuff as if it is contemptible. Luckily never felt that way because my father, although highly educated, was a Mr Fixit also.
Irecognized the value of those skills early on and had been watching Fix It Shows like THIS OLD HOUSE FOR YEARS. This knowledge enabled me to re-wire a lamp I found at significant savings. Learning how to fix things has advantages. Find someone who you can help and who can help you in turn. But most importantly find someone with whom you can do nothing at all. Our best days together have been the times when we lay around in bed all day doing nothing at all. There is nothing better than just being able to hang out with your partner.

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